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6 thoughts on “Club Documents

  1. Neil Phillips

    Hi my name is Neil Phillips of Green Hammerton Cricket Club we play in the Wetherby cricket league and are struggling for players for the coming season and was wondering if you would be interested in allowing some of your younger players who are not featuring in adult cricket on Saturdays to help us in our predicament and play for our cricket club
    Many thanks Neil Phillips

  2. Tim Pratt

    Good afternoon,

    We are a cricket club based in southern Lincolnshire and we play two teams in the Rutland League 3 and 7. We are a very sociable side but we do like to play a competitive game (but not to competitive). We are touring on the weekend of the 10th/11th and 12th June this year. We are looking for a game on the Friday night if possible a 20/20 game. Then on the Sunday afternoon a 40 or 45 over game (Saturday is a day of rest!) . We would of course be hospitable towards the bar and make it worth your while.

    If you could host us for either game that would be fantastic.

    With hope and regards,

    Tim Pratt

    Uffington Cricket club

    1. knaresboroughcc Post author

      Hi Tim

      I’m really sorry that we can’t accommodate you with a fixture. We have senior matches on Saturday and Sunday and junior coaching on Friday night. You’d be more than welcome to come down for a beer on Saturday afternoon. Can I suggest that you email Graham is the secretary of the Nidderdale league and will circulate your details. Any problems get back to me and I’ll see what I can do.

      Richard Perham

  3. Tim Pratt

    thanks for looking, I’ve had a word for him so we shall we see how we end up. we may well come and see you on the Saturday

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