Knaresborough Cricket Club, Henshaws and the New Year Duck Race!

The Duck Race, held every New Year’s day in Knaresborough, has become a huge part of everyone’s holiday traditions! Here at Henshaws we have been fortunate enough to be chosen by Knaresborough Cricket Club to be their charity partner in this incredible event.

If you have never witnessed the colourful sight of 5000 ducks being tipped in to the river Nidd, then you simply must make this the first date in your 2019 diary!

The day itself is an incredible spectacle, but for us here at Henshaws, the annual Duck Race has come to mean so much more!

The money donated to our charity has made an incredible difference. In recent years we have been able to purchase a pizza oven which has meant that we have been able to improve our food offering at all of our Summer events. We have also been able to buy a brand new hut, which has had many incarnations from “Prosecco Bar” to “Tapas Shack”. These items have allowed us to increase our takings and raise much needed funds for our Arts and Crafts Centre here in Knaresborough.

We cannot thank the Knaresborough Cricket Club team enough for all that they do to ensure the continuation of this fabulous, Duck based extravaganza, and of course for the money they raise to support our art makers here at the centre.

Tickets will soon be proudly available from the Arts and Craft Centre café so please buy yours!

Thank you!!

Kate Simpson- Community and events fund raiser, Henshaws.

The pizza oven in full swing!           Our lovely new beach hut!

2 thoughts on “Knaresborough Cricket Club, Henshaws and the New Year Duck Race!

  1. Sandra Roxine Parker

    Very much enjoyed the day and race – but lack of results being announced left a great big anti-climax.

    1. knaresboroughcc Post author

      Hello Sandra, Thanks for your support today, it was one of the best days we’ve ever had for the Duck race. I’m sorry you didn’t hear the the results. The winning duck number were shouted out to the crowd at the finish line as soon as the ducks which crossed the line first were collected in. They were posted on Facebook and now the website. I’m sorry for your disappointment, but not sure what else we can do to communicate the result.


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