Cycle ride for Motor Neurone Disease

On 29th April, Debbie Howard, Andy and Vern are embarking on a 240-mile cycle ride from London to York to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Deb and Andy will be on their tandem – if you don’t want to sponsor us for cycling, feel free to sponsor us for four days of non-stop bickering about who’s trying hardest… Big Vern is coming over from Switzerland to join the adventure and attempt to keep the peace.

So please support us if you can. If you don’t, we may be forced to post lots of unattractive photos of our over-50 bodies in Lycra.

It’s four years now since our lovely mum/mum-in-law died of motor neurone disease. During her illness, the MNDA provided invaluable support to our family – information, advice and specialist equipment that made a real difference on a day-to-day basis. At the same time as helping families like ours, the Association is funding groundbreaking research to try to move closer to a cure for this devastating disease. Mum loved her bike, so a cycle ride in her memory seems fitting.

Please visit the Just Giving page if you’d like to support MND

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