Duck Race results

Knaresborough Duck Race 2016 – Sunday 28th February 2016

The 2016 Duck Race (which was cancelled on New Year’s Day) took place on Sunday 28th February starting from the usual point on the high bridge. Due to the glorious weather we had a fantastic number of people there to watch the race. The ducks took a record long time and only began to make it over the finish line after 1 hour due to the calm conditions of the river.

Once again this was a successful event raising over £5,000 for good causes and Knaresborough Cricket Club greatly appreciates everyone’s support.

The winning ducks were:
1st ticket number 123  Naomi McCallum of Huby.
2nd ticket number 807 sold to ‘Paul’
3rd ticket number 1849  claimed on the day
Further winners are  3518, 1944, 3858, 237, 506, 3704, 313.

The corporate winners were:

1st Paul Yates Plant Hire, Knaresborough
2nd Monks Security Systems, Leeds
3rd WebsEdge, London

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