Knaresborough CC v Canterbury CC (Melbourne Australia)

Knaresborough CC will play against Canterbury CC on Tuesday 4 August 2015. Canterbury are from Melbourne Australia and are currently touring England and Scotland.This will be their final match on tour. Tony Blackburn is acting as match manager and John Dodman will captain the Knaresborough side which will consist of senior and junior cricketers. Spectators will be very welcome to come along and support the team and the fixture which will commence at 2pm.

Is there anyone out there that could help with the teas on the day? All that is needed is for someone to lay the buffet out and make drinks of tea and squash and help while the cricketers come through. Spectators will also be able to buy a cricket tea (assuming there is some left for them) so money will need to be collected. It will also be necessary to make up drinks for the players at the mid point of each of the innings.

If anyone can help with this, please get in touch with Tony Blackburn. Thank you.

We will also need a scorer so again, if you are available, know how to score and want to be part of the occasion, please get in touch with Tony.

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