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This is a test for a new website for Knaresborough Cricket club.

1 thought on “New Website

  1. Matt Rogers

    FAO – Richard – U17’s coach

    Thank you for the phone call.

    I’m organising an overseas cricket tour for a team from Dubai “The Desert Cubs.”

    They are on 12 day tour of England and Wales and they are hoping to play some cricket fixtures whilst away.

    The Desert Cubs will be in Yorkshire from Sunday 7th July – Fri 12th July .

    There will be….

    2 x u11 teams

    2x u13 teams

    1xu15 team

    1x u17 team – Your suggestion of Mon or Tues would be great

    1xopen age female team

    It’s a big task I’ve got on my hands so I’m hoping for as many games as possible and any help you can offer would be fantastic. I’m hoping there will be some other teams in the area who might also be interested in some matches.

    We will be travelling up from Wales on Sunday 7th July so there is a possibility we can play some matches from noon onwards. Throughout the week I was thinking the matches will probably need to be after school.

    Any help or advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    I will look forward to hearing from you.


    Matt Rogers – 07919 346 443


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